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April Fool's Love is now available at Amazon. Already leaping to the top of the sales list, this e-book collection of 10 full-length novellas is only 99¢! 


My story, set in a small Texas town holding a half-marathon fundraiser for a local homeless shelter, is called April Foolishness. Here's the short version:


In college, Michael Minchoit humiliated her on an April Fool’s prank and made 

her a laughing stock. Now he’s back, handsome, smart, and engaging, but how can she even consider befriending him? Let alone go out with him. And yet that’s 

exactly what Kate Rylander finds herself doing.


Is she doomed to repeat history?

Click on the cover image to read part of the first story or buy a copy of your own!

Click on the cover image to read part of the first story or buy a copy of your own!

Warm Mulled Kisses is only 99¢! This collection of full-length novellas includes my contemporary romance, No-L, No-L, No-L. Here's the short version of my story: 


Noelle Arcoli fully expects to her father to promote her to the head of Arcolli Labs when he announces his retirement. He doesn’t. Instead, he worries that her dedication to her job has left her with no laughter, no love, and no life.


She is truly No-L.


He presses her to settle down and raise a family. She misunderstands that this is his stipulation for her becoming president. Having always done her best to please her papa, she attempts to get back into the dating game to at least try to obey his wishes.


But Donovan Arcoli has been grooming Nick Bannister for the position. Not that Nick wants the job. He’s been like part of the Arcoli clan since he became a teenager, though, and will do anything for the only true father-figure he ever had.Noelle’s stress brings out Nick’s protective nature. In an effort to encourage her, he draws her out privately, as a friend. Yet the more time they spend together, the more his affection becomes less and less brotherly.


Could he hold the answer to all of her problems?

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