Release Package

Many people have a book that they want to see in print and would love to be able to give to someone or have available for sale at different events or opportunities. This is the perfect package to make that a reality at a low cost. In addition, you will be set up with your own Kindle Direct Publishing account so that you can receive full royalties for your books sold through Amazon and can purchase print copies at cost. 

Of course, all projects are subject to approval and available space within the current publishing schedule. But should a project be approved, this is what an author can expect: 


  • Set up and formatting of the author's completed and fully-edited manuscript for a paperback book. The author is responsible for the editing of the book. Editors are on hand should your book need an edit, but that is not part of this package.

  • Coaching through the Kindle Direct Publishing website to help you get set up as an Independent Author on Amazon with control of sales and price changes, royalties, and copies purchased at cost according to Amazon distribution requirements. Marji will even teach you how to get around in your KDP Author section, how to change the prices, set sales, and order your own books.

  • The author will receive a copy of the print-ready PDF manuscript.

  • Set up and formatting of the author's completed and fully-edited manuscript for an e-book version.

  • Custom-made print-ready full cover for the paperback and a separate front cover for the e-book version.

  • Professional information page for use with press releases, reviewers, and marketing opportunities.

  • The author retains all ownership of the book and all copyrights.

  • An agreement must be signed by both parties with full fees paid before any book production services will begin.


Every project is unique with different provisions and challenges. Your manuscript will need evaluation before a price can be quoted. Contact us for the complete package information and to submit an application for placement on our schedule.

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