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About Me


It's so easy to start explaining all the things I do. All the hats I wear. But that's not really the essence of me. 


In the deepest part of me, I want to be like Nathaniel. The Lord said of him, "in whom there is no guile." So I'm usually clueless to biting sarcasm and definitely without personal agendas. And that suits me just fine.


I'm a little on the flaky and forgetful side. And I'd rather put my feet up and watch a NASCAR race or write another scene than just about anything. Yet finding time to do that between family needs, my publishing business, and various volunteer activities can sometimes be tricky.


Content is probably the best description of me. I taught my kids to "enjoy where they are while they're there." A lesson in joy that I had to learn the hard way. And believe me, my kids LOVE reciting my words back to me when they get the chance. LOL!


As an introvert, I do need to recharge in solitude. But one-liners are a norm for me, and I have no problem introducing myself to strangers, being a little goofy with the kids, or acting and singing from time to time on stage. 


I prefer mountains to beaches, dogs to cats, entrees to desserts, and Jaguars to any other vehicle. My favorites include emerald green, Autumn, stargazer lilies and white roses, New York style pizza, and red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Oh, and a new favorite that I just found - Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candles from Bath & Body Works.


Feel free to give me a holler. I can answer questions about writing, publishing, homeschooling, directing children's choirs, working with a homeschool coop, and raising twins, though I'm not an expert at any of these topics. I am pretty good at encouraging (should you need a cheerleader), and I enjoy seeing how God moves in everyday life.


Thanks for coming along this road with me!


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