What's Happening?

Stay tuned for the release of my newest book, A GIANT MURDER, on August 3! Yea! And keep an eye out for some fun games, giveaways, and mini-mysteries coming to celebrate the coming release of my story and the rest of the Ever After Mysteries!

Mystery - oh, yes! My heroine, Josephine Jacobs, and her mother run a boarding house for women on Haskell Avenue, right across from the original site of Ursaline 

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Academy and just down from Ross Avenue, one of the most exclusive and expensive streets in Dallas. She also works in the kitchen of the Adolphus Hotel. When T.G. Taggert, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in town, ends up being murdered, Josie finds herself on the wrong side of the bars in the downtown jail. But she's not only resourceful, she's innocent and not afraid to involve herself in the misadventures of an open investigation.


As for the happily ever after - All of our Ever After Mysteries are loosely based on Fairy Tales. My book, A GIANT MURDER, is based on the characters of Jack and the Beanstalk. Josephine Jacobs is named after the author of the most common version of the story, Joseph Jacobs. Within the story, you'll meet TG (The Giant) Taggert, his son Jack, his own personal goose Chef Anton Ganderson, his golden songstress Harper Davis, and other characters. And any one of them could have murdered The Giant.

This year has me busy! I've signed with Celebrate Lit to release a second Ever After Mystery - this time set in the 1940s. I am having a blast putting this story together. 

Also, my new D-Street Mysteries are dancing along. 

Title reveal      -       Drumroll, please!

Book 1 of my D-Street Mysteries is

Yes, there is definitely a little toying with words going on with this title. Just wait and see. More to come on the D-Street Mysteries as we get them ready for launch in early 2022. 

Book 1 title.jpg