My Passion


In 2011, my mom challenged me with a question: If money and time weren't issues, what woud I be doing?


At the time, I had a fairly successful scrapbooking business. I set up retreats, held workshops for both scrapping and card-making, and spent hours building projects to share with other people.


Without hesitation I answered,  "Write!" I  surprised myself, but not my mom. She'd always seen the potential and desire, I guess.













So my passion began. I write for gals like me. Ladies who have been Christians for a while. Maybe since childhood. They would be just as likely (maybe even more likely) to pick up a novel as to read something from the Bible. 


I hope to inspire these women, as I have been inspired, to recall the fire, the spark initiated by their first love. When their faith in Christ was new and exciting. 


News flash. That relationship is still there. Underneath the religiosity, beyond the weekly visits with as much social interaction as prayer and worship, the Father waits for each of us to come and abide. To "be still" and "taste and see that the Lord is good."


It is my hope that readers will see themselves in the characters of my stories and be encouraged to indulge in their incredible positions as daughters of the Most High!