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"Wouldn't this be a great place to hide a body?"

I know that's a crazy thought, but as a mystery and suspense author,

my mind just twists in this direction.

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Ever After Mysteries

A Troll Falls - 1940s

A Troll Falls-sm_edited.jpg

Murder. Even the word sounds ugly. Almost as ugly as the corpse on the shore.


Dallas, Texas, 1948


Opal Stedman enjoys caring for old Mrs. Farnesworth. But keeping her sister Ruby out of trouble, well that is another issue entirely. Especially now that Ruby has stepped into high society with her new beau. A dubious man. Maybe even duplicitous.

Even the handsome security guard warns her sister about him.

When a body is dragged onto the shore of the lake that borders their home, rumors and worries over the new man become assurances. But why has he involved her household in these gruesome shenanigans?

And why are Opal’s loved ones suddenly having “accidents”?

Loosely based on the little-known fairy tale of “Snow White and Rose Red” this mystery twists its way all along the banks of White Rock Lake during its heyday.

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Ever After Mysteries

A Giant Murder - 1920s

0 final cover.jpg

When T.G. Taggert, one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Dallas, ends up being murdered, Josie finds herself on the wrong side of the bars in the downtown jail. But she's not only resourceful, she's innocent and not afraid to involve herself in the misadventures of an open investigation.


A GIANT MURDER, is based on the characters of Jack and the Beanstalk. Josephine Jacobs is named after the author of the most common version of the story, Joseph Jacobs. Within the story, you'll meet TG (The Giant) Taggert, his son Jack, his own personal goose Chef Anton Ganderson, his golden songstress Harper Davis, and other characters. And any one of them could have murdered The Giant.

Grime Fighter Mysteries

Cleaning up the remains of murders should make Dani Foster immune to the horror. But that fact that she keeps finding dead bodies really creeps her out! And puts her into constant danger.

Dallas Duets

A Clean Billionaire Romance

There's a touch that can't be explained.

And it has nothing to do with the 

clean romance that fills these stories.

lmdd1 AIN'T MISBEHAVING waward.jpg

Heath's Point Suspense

When ultimate power wants you dead, seems like there isn't an alternative ...

The heroines of these books are broken and desperate. And they find themselves in the crosshairs of killers.

Laine Counter Point.jpg
00front with award.jpg

Living in Big D (Dallas) all of my life has inspired me to write stories set in the area. Such a diverse population!


In addition, I find I love the old crime shows - Murder She Wrote, Ellery Queen, Diagnosis Murder. So I wanted to write something episodic without completely removing the romance. 


The result? A short series of novellas with a grime fighting crime fighter who's in a pile of trouble from the first page of the first book. 


Working as a crime scene cleaner is perfect for neat‑nick Dani Foster who has recently been relocated by her witness security contact. But she can’t hide the investigative reactions drilled into her by her detective father. Even though her discoveries, and the explorations they instigate, often put her into funny, uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous positions.


Find out about each of the stories by hitting the information links here or read an excerpt and get a chance to buy a copy of your own by clicking on the covers. 


Coming Soon!


A WOLF'S EXTERMINATION   Part of the Ever After Mysteries published through Celebrate Lit, this book is loosely based on "Little Red Riding Hood" and is a follow up to A TROLL FALLS, set in 1949 Dallas.

The Visitor Mysteries  Think of a cross between Nancy Drew and Jessica Fletcher. Seven different mystery and suspense authors have put together a fun series in which our VISITOR tends to attract mystery and mayhem. Naturally, not everyone she visits is delighted to see her. My book is the final of the series, THE VISITOR CATCHES A BOUQUET  and it will launch in August of 2023

CRY ME A RIVER   The second book of the Dallas Duets series. One of the side characters from AIN'T MISBEHAVING desperately wants a story of her own! You got it, sugar! 

BOILING POINT   The third book in Heath's Point Suspense. Donna Culver and her daughter, Molly, have visited in books one and two and are mainstays in Heath's Point society. But their popularity won't stop someone from silencing their gossip when minor details could crumble criminal lifestyles.

D-Street Mysteries  This new series is a natural spin-off from the Grime Fighter saga and follows the antics of a rambunctious attorney-turned-private investigator.

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