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 So nice of you to say! 


I was blown away by these kind reviews! 


"Contemporary fans will love reading this novel! I really loved the status and society points that drove our Annalee to see her sins and become better. This book was all about love, faith, and working to be truly one with God. Annalee is one of those girls, now before you say “that sounds sassy” hear me out. She truly has a heart but it has been wrapped up in glitz of high society. She has to learn to be a person of God, not money. I liked her, she starts off with a horrible mistake in life but truly she blooms into a character that you can enjoy. CJ was an instant hit for me, I mean he was able to look beyond status to see need. He had compassion and love to give, which melted my heart. I loved his first moment with Annalee. I really enjoyed this book, it was a great story that read fast and has made me eager to read the next in the series. I love that this book gives hope that people can change their colors if they want to and with the Lord’s help."

 ~ www.Bibliophile.Reviews


"This story was so heart-warming as Annalee found true purpose in her life as she spent more time with the underprivileged children in the center and saw something different in the lives of the people around her. Secrets and misunderstandings were common and it was fun to watch a sweet romance develop between Annalee and C.J. despite multiple complications.

The book was well written and I found myself absorbed by Annalee and C.J.’s story. It was the perfect blend of drama, romance, and faith with memorable characters and an encouraging plot. I would definitely recommend “Ain’t Misbehaving” to any who enjoy a good contemporary romance."


Winner of the 2019 Christian Literary Reader's Choice Award for fiction.

"Annalee proved a heroine worth the read when she uttered a single word. As she struggles to not only complete her service, but to do it well, she grew on me (rather quickly). Yes, she’s sheltered, a bit naïve, and doesn’t think much of her abilities, but she has a heart of gold."



"Ain’t Misbehaving is a complex story that has a lot of issues throughout the storyline, but it all fits perfectly together and makes the reader think about why certain characters act the way they do. I think the reason this book is so enjoyable is because the characters are true to life. These characters could be our neighbors and this story could happen just like it does in the pages of this book."




"What a truly wonderful novel. It captured me from the very beginning. I read through the night and into early morning because I never wanted to put it down. It was definitely worth it."



"This is a neat little story! I loved getting to know Annalee as she went from being a bit spoiled and naive to learning how to serve and open her heart. The characters are well written in this story and come to life rapidly, as they learn to work together for the children. I look forward to reading more by Marji!"



"We root for Annalee to overcome her prejudiced background and her errors. You can’t help but like someone who tries so hard and suffers unfair treatment without complaining. The author, who is new to me, spins a good tale that seems realistic. I really felt part of the story as it unfolded. It also teaches us not to judge others but to get to know them and learn what they’re really like. There is also a strong faith element in the story. I think this would make a great book for a book club to discuss. I could also see it as a film." 

 ~ Mary Hake


"I haven’t read a book from this author before and I found her writing style to be sassy, straightforward and exceptional character development. Right away I knew this book would help me look at people differently." 



"This is a wonderful contemporary fiction story.  I did not want to put this book down.  I really liked Annalee though she did seem a bit spoiled at first and I loved CJ.  They are great.  I look forward to reading many more books by this author."



"What an incredibly captivating contemporary romance!  This is my first novel by Marji Laine and I’m so glad that her book found me. The story is well-written, the plot is intricately planned, the dialogue is so real and engaging, the characters are wonderful, the faith component of the storyline is seamlessly integrated, and the book moves at a great pace with lots of twists and turns. 


Anyone who enjoys a well-written contemporary inspirational romance novel would absolutely love this book."



"Marji Lane has done an amazing job on this book,  it is written from her heart. I highly recommend to everyone."


Here's the short version:

Annalee Chambers: Poised, wealthy, socially elite...


True, Annalee’s crime amounted to very little, but not in terms of community service hours. Her probation officer encouraged her with a promise of an easy job in an air-conditioned downtown environment. She didn’t expect her role to be little better than a janitor at an after-school daycare in the worst area of town. Through laughter and a few tears, Annalee finds out that some lessons are learned the hard way, and some seep into the soul unnoticed.


Carlton Whelen hides behind the nickname of CJ so people won’t treat him like the wealthy son of the Whelen Foundation director. Working at the foundation's after-school program delights him and annoys his business-oriented father. When a gorgeous prima donna is assigned to his team, he not only cringes at her mistakes but also has to avoid the attraction that builds from the first time he sees her.


AIN’T MISBEHAVING encourages acceptance:

  • Of things that can’t be changed.

  • Of people who are different.

  • Of lessons learned.

  • Of oneself.

Available in E-book and Paperback.

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