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Finding the body of a dead man would freak out anyone. Even someone with Dani Foster’s gruesome job. She can’t help but join the search for this murderer. Maybe because she found the body, or because her friend is a suspect. Maybe the deep-seated drive to work on the case is to stay close to Crime Scene Specialist Jay Hunter. She excuses her actions as the normal ones of a detective’s daughter.


Though no one’s supposed to know about that.


Jay Hunter can’t escape the sharp eyes and keen mind that Dani has, or her beauty and fun-loving spirit. Her help might be exactly what he needs to secure the promotion he’s been hoping for. Though he can’t stand the thought of her being in danger.


Not after the last time.


This is the second episode of the Grime Fighters series. Dani's troubles aren’t over, and the relationship between her and Jay is only beginning.

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  1. Ephesians 3:20-21 spoke to me as I contemplated this story. Dani has lost all that is dear to her and must shed areas of her personality in order to remain in hiding. So when something outstanding and beyond her imagination begins, she has trouble accepting the potential blessing. Have you ever experienced such—had trouble realizing an amazing gift from your awesome Father?

  2. Along the same lines, do you remember a time, looking back, when the blessing was so much more than the request or expectation? What was your reaction?

  3. Verse 21 of that section quotes: “… to Him be glory in the church ….” What would (or does) that look like in your church? What can you do to insure His glory there happens or continues?

  4. Dani accuses Jay of having trust issues. What is the irony with her comment? Have you ever trusted someone who didn’t tell you the whole truth? When you realized the deception, what was the cost, the result? Were you able to make amends?

  5. Some say that people who have trust issues have either been too often burned or are not very honest themselves and therefore expect duplicity in others. Have you noticed that to be the case? Do you have trouble trusting other people? Why?

  6. In Matthew 10:16, Christ tells his followers to be both wise and innocent. These two almost seem antonyms. Wise sees and expects the evil activity of the world, and innocent uses rose-colored glasses. How can someone be both?

  7. How trustworthy are you? When is it all right to lie and under what conditions? Ephesians 4:25 holds a key here.

  8. Is Dani right to keep her secret from her new loved-ones: her own roommate Tasha, her friends Ty and Carla Reid, and especially Jay who might become someone very special? How would telling them her secret put them in danger? Should she tell them, and if so, how?

  9. With Dani’s secrets and her lies, does her relationship with Jay have any chance at all?

  10. Near the end of this story, Cal discards his laid-back, careless manner after the suicide of teenager. His bitterness shows as he questions why God didn’t stop the girl—didn’t change her mind. Anyone can see that bad things happen in the world, so Cal’s frustration isn’t farfetched. Have you ever struggled with his issue? Have you ever been angry with God? How would you answer him or someone else who wonders why bad things happen to good people? John 16:33

  11. Jay describes God as a Father who doesn’t want to force anyone to loving Him. How does John 3:16 confirm this argument? The truth is bad things do happen to good people. How can Christians, those who strive to be like Christ, cope with this truth and its opposite (good things happen to bad people)? See Psalm 37 and 73 on this topic.

  12. Just for fun. Psychology, analyzing characters, is a hobby. Did Jay change at all in this story? Did Dani? What are the traits they have that will make their relationship work? Are there any hindrances, besides Dani’s secrets, that will hurt their relationship?