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I'm delighted to have my first to historical mysteries re-released! I'm so pleased to make these books available again!

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Who Killed the Giant?

Dallas, Texas, 1926

     An exclusive party with the socially elite of Dallas. An elaborate venue high atop the downtown Adolphus Hotel. A host who is one of the richest men in 1926 . . . Also, one of the  deadest.    

    Josephine Jacobs was just doing her job, serving the food giant everything except his eternal “parting shot.” With the Century Ballroom literally full of suspects, why has she been pinpointed for shooting TG Taggert?

    With her long-time “friend,” Officer Porter O’Brien, Josie attempts to find out who really killed the giant, and clear her name.    

Trouble with a Troll

Dallas, Texas, 1948

      Opal Stedman’s not one for

conflict, but she won’t back down

when she sees her sister stepping

into society with an unscrupulous

man. Especially when he seems to

take advantage of her position.

      But when she finds the man

dead near the Halling Estate, she’s

prepared to do whatever it takes

to protect her sister.       

      Even against the handsome

new security guard who has

become her friend.

      Especially when her loved

ones begin to have “accidents.”

Can she unmask the killer before

anyone else gets hurt, or worse?

Next Project

Book three of my Once Upon a Mystery series will debut in October! I introduced Ruby Stedman in A Troll Falls last year when her sister won the day. But Ruby kept at me to tell her story! And so, based on "Little Red Riding Hood" my next release, coming soon, is A Wolf's Demise. 

Ruby Stedman is determined to prove that she can stand on her own two feet when her job as a companion to her dear Old Miss ends. She knew she didn't have much experience or training, but sheer determination ruled as she stood her ground against a difficult employer and ravenous office wolves. 

That is until she found one of those wolves murdered...

and she became the chief suspect. 

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Do you love mystery and suspense as much as I do? Especially with a little romance and a strong thread of faith intertwined! If that's for you, whether you're a faithful follower of my books or a first-time visitor, feel free to browse. Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the inter-world. Enjoy your stay and come back soon!

Marji Laine is an award-winning, multi-published author who writes about broken characters placed in desperate situations relying on their faith in God and friendships with others to succeed . . . sometimes even survive!

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Are you ready to get your book published?

Faith Driven Book Production Service was created especially for those who have a book ready for publication. Whether you are wanting to learn about the independent publishing industry or you have a book you want to hold in your hands and put into the hands of others, we can help you with:

  • developmental editing

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  • cover design

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